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By joining NATS you are joining the largest association of voice professionals in the world. With nearly 7,000 members, NATS has been promoting quality voice teaching and research on the voice since 1944. NATS' focus on the professional education of its members has resulted in numerous conferences, workshops, and chapter activities featuring the leading teachers and researchers of our time. Your membership in NATS includes reduced registration rates for these events and your students are eligible to participate in NATS sponsored auditions and competitions.

After following the step by step process to apply for membership, you will be able to immediately access the wealth of information and educational opportunities afforded NATS members. Thanks for joining us and encourage your friends who are voice professionals to join us as well.

We look forward to serving you and your students.

Instructions for Online Membership Application:

1) Visit

2) Read the Membership Qualifications and choose the appropriate membership category.

3) Enter the information requested and click “Continue” to go to the next page.

4) Read the Code of Ethics and click to agree to abide by it by checking the box (required for membership).

5) Review the information entered and make any changes if necessary. Click on “Submit Form” if everything is correct.

6) Enter your preferred payment information.

7) You will receive a confirmation letter after your application is complete!

8) In order to belong to NATS-LA Chapter, you MUST choose the Los Angeles Chapter and pay the additional $50 LA Chapter dues. To be included in our membership directory, you must join by January 31.

Why Join?

There are many benefits to being a member of NATS and the Los Angeles Chapter of NATS....

The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS-LA) is the largest NATS chapter in the nation. We offer our local members many diverse opportunities for expanding their teaching knowledge, networking and enabling their students to participate in competitions, evaluations and Master classes. Those who join NATS and their local chapters find themselves in a community of friends and colleagues who are all seeking the same goal: excellence in teaching and singing, both for themselves and their students.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing before joining any local chapter.  Click Here for information on joinging NATS:

National Association of Teachers of Singing 
• Scope: NATS is the largest association of teachers of singing in the world, with members in more than twenty-five countries.

• Education: Members have access to lifelong learning experiences such as master classes, workshops, and conferences, held at the district, regional, and national levels.

• Journal of Singing: NATS members receive the Journal of Singing as a benefit of membership. Published five times annually, this scholarly journal features articles on all aspects of singing and the teaching of singing, written by distinguished scholars from around the world.

• Student Auditions: One of the benefits widely enjoyed by NATS members is the privilege of taking students to annual state and regional auditions, where they may sing for a panel of teachers and receive positive comments and feedback on their work as singers and performers.

• Employment Opportunities: Members have access to an online database of positions currently available at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. In addition, members mayplace their contact information on the Voluntary Teacher database, accessed regularly by students seeking private voice teachers in their areas.

• Networking: NATS has over 7,000 members, many of whom are faculty at colleges and universities worldwide. Most NATS teachers are active in performance as well, and have invaluable contacts in the professional worlds of both singing and teaching. Members may access contact information for any other members through the online directory.

• Support for Young/New Teachers of Singing: NATS recognizes an ongoing commitment to support and encourage the development of teachers of singing who are beginning their careers. To that end, qualified members may apply for the NATS Intern Program (an intensive summer course wherein the recipient teaches students under the direction of several master teachers), and/or the YOUNG LEADERS AWARD (a grant to underwrite the cost of attendance to one of the NATS national conferences.) NATS Chats is an interactive discussion group online that many members find invaluable as a resource.

NATS-LA Eligibility

Full Members have full voting rights and may hold office at any level. Years of Full Membership accrue toward Emeritus status. Full Members may sponsor themselves or their students in NATS auditions and competitions.


  1. 25+ years of age;
  2. person of known personal integrity;
  3. accept and abide by the Code of Ethics as stated on this form;
  4. teach/coach an average of six or more voice students each week (each section of class voice equals one student); and
  5. meet one of the following : (Degrees must be appropriate to the teaching of singing.)
    1. Bachelor's degree + three years voice teaching/coaching after receipt of degree.
    2. Master's degree or doctorate + two years voice teaching/coaching after receipt of degree.(experience as a graduate teaching assistant in voice may fulfill the teaching /coaching requirement)
    3. Professional singers or accompanists who teach but do not have degrees (Bachelors, Master, or Doctorate) as described in a & b: four years experience as a professional singer or collaborative pianist + teaching voice/coaching for two years after the four years of experience. If you are applying under this option, please attach a resume.
    4. Others without degrees as described in a & b: four years of private voice study + five years of voice teaching/coaching following the four years of private instruction.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing shall be open to all persons regardless of national origin of citizenship. All member classifications must first be members of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. There shall be five membership classifications:

Full members must be persons of known probity whose professional training and/or experience qualify them to be teachers of singing or vocal coaches. Full members have full power of vote and may hold office at any level.

Emeritus members are active NATS members who have attained their sixty-eighth birthday and have been members in good standing for at least twenty years. Requests of this membership status must be sent to the Executive Director. Emeritus members are not required to pay dues and cannot hold elective office at the national, regional, or state level, but may hold chapter office and may vote.

Associate members must be persons of known personal probity who are beginning teachers of singing with professional training, or advanced students of singing. Associate members may vote or hold office at any local level.

Affiliate membership may be held by individuals in related fields by institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, and by business firms associated with music. Affiliate members may not vote or hold office at any level.

Honorary membership is reserved for a person who has been a national officer of NATS or any person upon whom this chapter (by means of nomination and vote) may desire to grant this title.



NATS-Student Membership



Student membership is for anyone who is enrolled as a full-time student pursuing an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree at a post-secondary institution. (NATS may request a verification of your full-time student status).  Click here to learn more about how you can benefit from being a NATS student member, apply for membership, join or start a Student NATS Chapter at your school, and receive FREE digital access to the NATS Journal of Singing!